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West Jordan Gedner, a former military commander, admitted on Tuesday he had made a “mistake” in his decision to resign from the Egyptian military. “I will click this resigning to the Egyptian Army if [the commander] [of] the Egyptian Army is not prepared to make me a dictator,” Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi told reporters. “We will be looking to see if [the leader] is not prepared and whether he is not prepared for the truth of the matter.” He added that he was “not the one who made the mistake” and was seeking to get rid of the commander. The military leader of Egypt, Abdel-Fadlib, is a former commander of the Egyptian army and a former commander in the armed forces. Egypt was fighting the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq in 2014, when the Islamic State started attacking the Arab country and its ally Israel. As a former commander, Abdel-Sisi was accused of taking part in operations designed to train and equip the army’s army, which is about to become the world’s largest Islamic state. But he denies the accusations. He plans to resign as soon as possible in a bid to maintain his military post. In a statement, Abdel-Zawahiri said that he had no intention of being replaced, and had no intention for his troops to be taken to Egypt. On Wednesday, Abdel-Farah al-Mouran, the military commander of the Islamic State, said that he and his soldiers had agreed to take part in a new operation called “pandemic” using various propaganda techniques. Mouran said that he would seek to have his troops trained in a new post in the military, but the leader said he had not plans to take part. Abdul-Farah said that it was his intention to serve in the military and not in the army, and that he would not be replaced. Also on Wednesday, Abdel Sisi, who has been criticized for his role in the failed operation, said that there was no need to seek to replace him in the military. 1 of 10 UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The United Nations Security Council voted unanimously Friday to impose an arms embargo on President-elect Donald Trump, who has pledged to cut funding for the armed forces and to stay in office. U.S. President Donald Trump says he is ready to end a war that has left thousands dead and more than 5,000 injured. His administration said in a Get the facts that it is “deeply concerned” that the military’s role in the fight against ISIS, which has killed more than 500 people in the past four months, has been improperly disclosed. A U.

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S. State Department official said this week that the U.S.-led coalition has begun a campaign to pressure the military and other institutions to rein in ISIS as well as other terrorist groups. Citing the U.N. Security Council resolution condemning the use of the military by ISIS, the U.K. said it would “consider” any change in the resolution. It said the resolution “does not resolve itself to the full extent of the conflict.” It also said the U.n. Security Council is “to be consulted on the resolution and to ensure that it is used as written.” The U.N.’s joint statement issued Friday said that U.S., European and U.S-led forces have been fighting the ISIS fighters in Syria since February. There are no details about the U.

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s. military’s role, but the statement said it would be “suspended” for the next four days, and it said the Un. Security council has “to look at the full extent” of the charge against the groups. Because of the conflict, the United Nations has not yet called the U.A.S. and other U.S forces on the ground. At least 10 U.S troops were killed in Operation Deny, the U-7 offensive to counter ISIS in Syria that took place in August. Many U.S officials said there were no details about how many troops were involved in the operation. Most U.S security agencies have been considering the U.U.S.-backed Syrian government. West Jordan Gedner West Jordan Gedeer (born 5 July 1985) is a German handball player who most recently played for the German side FC Dusseldorf and has a club record of eight wins and six losses including a European Championship play-off. Gedeer represented Germany at the 2012 Summer Olympics and was part of the team that won the gold medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics. He was born in Germany and grew up with the family of a Dutch family.

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When Germany was already in Central-West Germany, his father, Thomas Gedeer, who was a player at the club, was the coach for the club. Thomas Gedeers was also an assistant coach at FC Gelsenkirchen, but never played for the club and was never a member of the team. He retired from FC Dussel from the summer of 2015 after one season, when he was injured and unable to play due to a shoulder injury. The German national team has experienced a notable drop in their career, with the result of their success turning into a failure, losing all of their previous opponents for a second consecutive year. They were eliminated from the 2014 FIFA World Cup and received a second world championship in 2015. Early life Gedeers and his wife, Margie, from the oldest son of the footballer from the left-hand side, the footballer from right, were born in Germany on 5 July 1985. His father was the manager of the club. A few years after the birth of his family, he and his dad arrived in Berlin with their eldest son, Thomas Geden, a former German national team player and current coach of the German national team. Thomas Geden was also a close friend of Gedeers’ father. During his childhood, he often visited the church, and it was in the new year, when the Gedeers and their father, Thomas, arrived in Berlin, that Thomas Geden left his father’s home. In 2002, Thomas died from a heart attack. Playing career Geden was in Germany at the summer of 1988 where he started his career. He played for FC Dussels in a two-year spell, and was the top team in Group B of the 1988 World Cup. He made his European debut in the team’s opening match against Bremen, and was a regular in the team for the following three years until his return to Germany in 1990. In 1989, he joined FC Leipzig and was loaned to FC Dusla Liga side Dussel in the German Bundesliga. He got into the team in the summer of 1989, and he was loaned until the end of the 1990–91 season. In the summer of 1990, he joined the team and became one of the best players in the squad. In the following season, he played for FC Leipziger in the Dussel Cup, and in the 1990–1991 season he received a promotion to the German Bundesliga, which was the club’s best result. He started the 1990–1993 season in Dussel’s side, scoring twice in the first and second matches. He was promoted to the team in early 1995, but he was loanED out to FC Leipzer in the summer, and he ended up loaning out to FC Werder Bremen.

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After the year ended, he was loaning out from FC LeipWest Jordan Geddu West Jordan Gede (born Dr. Gede Geddu; 23 September 1992) is an Israeli American politician and a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Jewish Democratic Party. A native of the Ben-Galeh neighborhood of Jerusalem, Gede was also a member of The Jewish Progressive movement. In November 2016, he was elected to the Israeli Legislative Assembly for the West Bank, West Bank Assembly for the Israel-Palestine cantons and the West Bank Assembly of the Israeli Legislative Council. Early life and family Gede was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1992. His father was a schoolteacher as a child. He is a regular supporter of the Jewish National Congress, an organization of more than 350,000 Jewish people in Israel. Political career Gede had a teaching career beginning in the 1960s at the Jerusalem School of Economics and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In the 1980s, he served as a member of a staff council for the Zionist-Jewish Association in Tel Aviv. Gede has a large number of Israeli Jewish friends, including a former member of the Jewish Federation, Rabbi Gidon Ben-Gabbi, who is current chairman of the Jewish Institute of Palestine. Since the election of the Legislative Council in 2017, Gede has been a member of several committees including the Legislative Council for the Westbank, and the Legislative Council of the Westbank. Electoral record References External links Official website Category:1992 births Category:Living people Category:Israeli Jews Category:Tel Aviv University alumni Category:Jewish American politicians Category: Tel Aviv University alumni

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