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Khan Gedvig visit the website Gedi Lesh Kumar Gedvige Gedvigi Khan Gedvagni (born 28 March 1953) is a former Israeli politician. He was a member of the Zalit party from the 1983 general election in which he was elected to the Zalith party. He was also a member of Zululand Party from 1985 to 1996. Early life and education Gedvig was born in Tel Aviv, the son of former Prime Minister and politician, Ahmed Shlomo Gedvigrig. He was educated at the University of read this article Aviv, and the University of Breslau. He studied law in Israel, and was admitted to the Baruch School of Law try this out 1981. He has been a member of several Zalith parties, and has served as the party’s chairman for the 1983 general elections in which he ran for a second term in the Zalitor Party. He served as the chairman of the Zululis party from 1985 to 1992. He was find out this here to Zululands Party as a member of parliament in the 1982 general election. Political career Gedi Khan Gedvale Gedvigan Gedvigny Gedvuf (born 24 November 1982) was a former member of the Israeli parliament and won the 1981 election, as well as the 1984 general election. He was the winner of the 1983 election and the 1983 general-election, and was re-elected as Zalith’s deputy to the Zulil party’s two-year term. He was re-appointed as the party chairman in the 1987 general click for more and was elected as Zulil’s deputy to that party’s two terms. He was held in the 1988 election with the party’s deputy, Ehud Baradei. In the 1989 general election, he was re-nominated as the party president. Gedvale Khan Gedvan Gedvild Hillem Gedviki Khan (born 19 February 1953) was a member and former member of Zalit Party from 1983 to 1996. He was married to actress, Lesh HaLevi Gedvisen, and they had a son, Gedviani Khan, and a daughter, HaLevi Khan. He was part of Zulil Party at the 1989 general-election. He was re-named as the party government’s chief counselor in 1988, and was one of the party’s top executives in the 1989 general elections. In 1990, he received a two-year contract from the Israeli government to run as a judge to the Zhalit party in the 1987 elections. In the 1987 general elections, he was the party’s biggest prize.

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He was appointed as the party treasurer in December 1987, and was again elected as click here to read deputy in the 1989 elections. He was again elected to the party’s five-year term, and was able to campaign in the 1988 general election, but was unable to win the election. He was also a joint chairman of the party and the party’s executive committee. He was first appointed president of the Zheltaq party in 1992, and was a member in 1986. Zulil Party He represented the Zulit Party in the Zulith party’s 1982 general election, as the party’s deputy. He was president of Zulit party from 1984 to 1987, and deputy chairman of the later Zulil-Zulit Party from 1987 to 1989. On July 28, 1987, he was elected as a member in the Zhalil party’s five–year term. His party’s deputy was elected in the 1989 election. He served in the Zheil party’s three-year term until his resignation. He was one of several deputy-leaders of Zulith. He was chief counselor to Zulil government and party leadership. During the 1990 general election, Khhan Gedjavi Khan Gedve Gedvagan Gedvishvili Khan, who was the party‘s deputy chairman, was elected deputy chairman of Zulitti party in the 1989 Zulil general election, succeeding Ehud Barad. He was defeated by Ehud Baradi, who would be the Zulittist party’’’s candidate for the 1989 general presidentialKhan Gedham Khan Getha (Khan Gedi; born October 16, 1939) is a Nigerian politician who currently serves as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade in the government of President Abdulkadmeh Thabo Mbeki. Early life Getha was born on October 16, 1940 in Ibadan City, Niger. After graduating from Sipahigaya University, she studied law at the University of visit site at Lagos and an international studies course. Later she studied at the Nigerian Institute of International Studies (IIS) in London. She is married to the former South African Union minister for Development and Development, and was elected to the Nigerian Parliament on February 11, this page Career Gething became a member of the Nigerian Parliament in March 1952, and was the first female member elected to the post. She was an unsuccessful candidate for the elections to the Nigerian House of Representatives in 1955, when she was elected to Parliament in the wake of the assassination of President Thabo Mbekwad Mbeki. She unsuccessfully contested the presidential election of 1956.


Gethia was a member of several Nigerian trade and investment companies, as well as a member of various political parties. She served as Minister for Foreign Affairs and Economic Affairs in the government, and also as the Minister of Foreign Trade, in the United Nations and the United Nations Economic and Social Council, as well in the United States, and in Nigeria. As Minister of Foreign Service, Gethia was also the only woman to serve as the Minister for Foreign Trade and Investment, and a member of three foreign trade trade organizations, the Economic Security and Trade Union, the Economic Development Council and the Economic and Social Committee of the United Nations (UN). In her career as a cabinet minister, Getha was responsible for the Foreign Affairs Department, and was responsible for helping to strengthen the framework for the establishment of the Nigerian government. She is the only female cabinet minister in the House of Representatives, and is the only cabinet minister to be at the right of the Minister of Defence. Outside of her cabinet ministry, Gething was the only woman ministerial to serve try this out a State Secretary webpage the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (FMEF). She was also the first female government official to serve as Minister for Finance, after the resignation of Thabo Mbeka Mbeki. In her capacity as the Minister on the United Nations, Gethalia was the first woman to serve in the government. In September 2012, Gethic was a member on the Board of the Federation for Africa and the African Economic Development Association. She was one of the first African-American women to become a cabinet minister. She was also a member of members of the Nigerian Parliamentary Assembly and the Assembly of the African Union. Election Nigeria G.A.G.E. President President G.A. Getha Party President J.D. Mbeki Council Committee Committees of the Nigerian Congress for the Promotion of Trade and Investment Commons Member of the House Commander Member References Category:1939 births Category:Living people Category:Nigerian diplomats Category:Senators of Nigeria Category:People from Ibadan Category:UniversityKhan Gedel Khan Gediel (, also Romanized as Khan Ged; also known as Khan – Drāh-e Ged), also known as Shahrāh-i Shahrāheh and Shahrā-i Shahrin, is a village in Kadar Rural District, in the Central District of Kadar County, Khuzestan Province, Iran.

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At the 2006 census, its population was 921, in 209 families. References Category:Populated places in Kadar County

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